Orlando Group

Welcome to our web-site. Our group is primarily a surface chemistry and physics group which focuses on the use of high-powered pulsed lasers, low-energy electron scattering, micro-plasmas, mass spectrometry and ultrahigh vacuum surface science techniques. We use this "tool-set" as well as some scattering theory to unravel the details of non-thermal processes occurring under a variety of non-equilibrium conditions. Our group is based upon an interdisciplinary approach and thus our research programs span the realm of fundamental investigations in molecular physics, surface physics and chemistry, bio-physics, bio-polymer formation under pre-biotic conditions as well as working in applied areas of relevance to analytical technique developments, atmospheric chemistry, catalysis and molecular hydrogen generation. The unifying theme within the group is to understand the important role electronic excitations of surfaces and interfaces play in chemical transformations. These transformations can be brought about by photons, electrons or ions and can occur in radiation environments within the interstellar media, plasmas or radioactive containment facilities. We also take advantage of this knowledge to develop new measurement protocols and techniques which can be transitioned between disciplines such as planetary science and biology. Part of our new technology development relies upon the ability to control growth and deposition on the nanoscale and to provide laser based techniques which have femtomolar sensitivities. Please read on and please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Thomas Orlando or Dr. Greg Grieves should you like further information.